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Are you a Social Enterprise, Not For Profit or a Cooperative and want to grow your organisation or business?

The Victorian State government, as part of its Social Enterprise strategy, has made available funding for eligible organisations through its Social Enterprise Capability Voucher Program.

The Voucher program gives successful applicants access to services, advice or expertise provided by registered service providers; the agreed work is funded to 80% by the Victorian Government.

See below for details of the program including eligibility, what the intended outcomes (Projects) of the program are and the steps that you need to undertake to be part of this great opportunity.

For more information on Capacity International visit the Capacity International home page.

Details on how the voucher program works (eligibility)

To be eligible to receive this support you must fill a number of criteria they include:

  • Be an organisation that supports an economic social cultural or environmental mission consistence with a public or community benefit.
  • Your organisation will need to contribute a minimum of 20% of the value of the service (i.e. of the project is $30,000, organisation will need to contribute $6,000 and can apply for the remaining $24,000 from the government.
  • Applications opened on the 29th January and close 2nd March
  • Have an ABN
  • If relevant, meet all industrial relations regulations, National Employment Standards
  • Operate in Victoria
  • Be a legal entity
Projects funded by this project in this stream will (intended outcomes):
  • Lead to your organisations efficiency or/and
  • Increase New Market Development
  • Increase Financial Readiness and/or
  • Increase Contract Readiness
Steps involved in applying for the voucher program:
  1. Do you fit the eligibility requirements – see above
  2. If you fit the requirements and want to work with Capacity international please contact us.
  3. We will agree upon the services your require and agree on the scope of work
  4. We can support you in the application required by the government
  5. Both the Scope of Work and your application are sent to the government

Capacity International has a range of services designed to develop and improve your organisations capacity.

Visit our Service page to find out more.